Microbiome-Empowered Therapeutics

Microbiome-Empowered Therapeutics

Biomica is an emerging biopharmaceutical company developing innovative microbiome-based therapeutics for the treatment of immune-mediated and infectious diseases, with specific focus on Immuno-Oncology and GI related disorders.

Big Data

Biomica's discovery pipeline is enabled by a unique Computational Predictive Biology (CPB) platform combining biological ‘Big-Data’.


The company has invested significant efforts in developing specialized computational tools for high-resolution taxonomy and functional profiling of the human microbiome.


Cutting edge Artificial Intelligence analysis technologies, providing next-generation solutions accounting for complex host-microbiome interrelations.

Biomica aims to identify and target microbes, metabolites and other microbiome-related components

that are key in the pathogenesis of human diseases impacted by the microbiome, using both biological and small-molecule approaches.


Biomica’s discovery and development efforts are powered by PRISM (Predictive, high Resolution, Integrative Selection of Microbes) platform.

Employing a holistic approach, PRISM combines a profound understanding of the microbiome and its functions and their intricate relations with the human host.

Our platform relies on a multi-layered analysis of omic and clinical/ phenotypic data using an extensive nexus of modules in four key areas.



Microbiome therapeutics pipeline

  • Immuno-oncology (with ICI)

    Combination Therapy for Cancer

  • MDRO (Multi Drug resistant organisms)

    Targeting Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

  • GI related disorders

    GI Inflammatory & Functional Disorders

  • Biological approach
  • Small-molecule approach

Biomica is a subsidiary of Evogene Ltd.

Evogene is a pioneer in the field of applied computational predictive biology developing novel products for life science markets. Biomica leverages Evogene's capabilities, vast experience and established expertise of predictive biology.